Beyond Economics

The End of Growth and Time for a New Era

Wealth & Poverty

U.S. Wealth & Income Distribution Charts

Stealing Africa – Why Poverty? [58 min]

Debate about income inequality

Income Percentile Calculator

The Productivity Gap (Between productivity grown and wage growth)

Park Avenue Wealth and Poverty (54 min)

TED Talk: Paul Tudor Jones: Rethinking Capitalism (from Youtube)

Crash Course on Inequality (10 min.)

Elizabeth Warren on the Social Contract

The Story of Dharavi (from Salman’s tour)

Wealth Inequality in America (Graphic) [6:11 min]

TED: Dan Ariely – How Equal Do We Want the World to Be?

The Top 1% Income Level by State

The Productivity and Income Gap (Heritage Foundation)

Paul Tudor Jones: Billionaire on Wealth Inequality (3/20/15)
Kevin O’Leary Counters

Essays on the Morality of Capitalism

Robert Putnam: The American Dream in Crisis

Richard Wolf: Capitalism Hits the Fan

American Society: How it Actually Works

Moyers & Company

A Piketty Primer: “Capital” in 10 Graphs

NYT: For the Love of Money (form a Wall Street insider)

The Origins of Consumerism (

Wealth Inequality in America (video graphic, 6 min.)

Household Income by Quintile (1927-2012)

The Great Divide: Global Income Inequality and Its Cost (multimedia)

PBS-Independent Lens: The House I Live In

Why Poverty? Series

The End of Poverty (1 hr 44 min)

The One Percent (76 min)


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