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The End of Growth and Time for a New Era

Morocco Module

Morocco, Africa, & Sustainable Development

Africa-Morocco-Energy [PowerPoint by Prof. Robert Kaulfuss on 11/17/2017]

Assignment Overview

  • My presentation and this assignment cover broad and complex topics. None of you are likely experts in any of the interdisciplinary fields involved. In addition, this is an essay and not a research or term paper. As such, you will not be expected to do high-level analysis or synthesis.
  • The goal is to expand your awareness of issues and perspectives and be able to identify and describe challenges and opportunities for Morocco, Africa, and global sustainable development.
  • When I mentioned the assignment in class, we discussed the idea of providing a choice of 3 different topics. However, I decided to create a single assignment with core elements from each area and your choice to expand on one of them.

Assignment Instructions

  1. Due Date: Monday, 12/4 (+5%, early) 12/11 (on time), -5% per week after 12/11.
  2. Watch each of the core videos, taking notes along the way.
  3. Pick one of the topics in the core set and find two more resources (videos or articles) related to that topic. You may choose from the supplemental video list or find your own.
  4. Write an essay consisting of about two paragraphs for each video or article (6 from the core set and 2 additional).
  5. Include a separate Conclusion consisting of a couple of paragraphs reflecting on insights gained from the assignment.
  6. Cite any additional sources used other than the videos from the lists below, including links so that I can check them out. You don’t need to cite videos from my lists, since I have them and they will be identified in your headings.
  7. Email the essay to me ( as a Word (or RTF or PDF) document. Do not send a link to a Google doc or online storage location such as OneDrive.
  8. Use the following formatting guidelines. This is actually not a typical English class essay. There is no set number of pages.
    • Single-spaced with a blank line before each paragraph except after a heading.
    • Headings (bold and larger font) for each video or article, with 2 blank lines before.
    • Subheadings under each heading are helpful but not required

CORE VIDEOS (Required)










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